The International Thermal Heritage Resource Centre

The city of Vichy, in partnership with the Route des Villes d’Eaux du Massif Central and the EHTTA, is putting together an international resource centre for thermal heritage.

It is incorporated into the Heritage Collections at the municipal Multimedia Centre, in which the Valery Larbaud Museum-Library and the Regional Collection can also be found.

The international thermal heritage resource centre collects and preserves the documents and works, both old and new, online and in hard copy (documentation, iconography, bibliography, website list, directory of resource people, etc.), on thermal heritage in Europe.

The Valery Larbaud Multimedia Centre of Vichy is also tasked with arranging meetings between archive managers from the other thermal spa towns of Europe to consider creating a ‘Resource Centres’ network and, as a result, synergies between European researchers.

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Fabienne Gelin
Responsable des Fonds patrimoniaux
04 70 58 42 60