Loire (42) / Rhône-Alpes

Between the Monts du Forez and Monts du Lyonnais mountain ranges, this town was simply called Montrond for a long time in reference to the mound on which the fortified castle sits. It became ‘Montrond-les-Bains’ only in the late 19th century when a mining operation discovered the thermal water beneath the surface.

The little town has not stopped evolving since, until the modern thermal recreation centre was recently built.

Nos coups de coeur
-Thermalisme de la Belle Epoque à nos Jour- (thermal activity from the Belle Époque to our days) guided tour
-Jeux du Casino Joa- (games at the Joa Casino) guided tour
Children’s treasure hunt
Mediaeval Festival
Tour of the Badoit factory (nearby)

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