Allier (03) / Auvergne

Vichy, the Queen of the Spa Towns, owes a lot to Napoleon III, who went there to take five cures between 1861 and 1865.

His visits sparked the rise of the most remarkable thermal heritage of all the Massif Central: thermal baths, the Palais des Congrès-come-Opera hall with an Italian-style theatre, an eclectic array of villas, grand hotels, casinos, racetrack, golf courses, etc., not to mention the 150 hectares of parks which connect the emperor’s chalets to the pavilion of the famous Source des Célestins along Lake Allier.

Nos coups de coeur
-Histoire d’eaux, 2000 ans de thermalisme- (History of Water: 2000 years of thermal activity) guided tour
-L’Envers du décor, les coulisses de l’Opéra- (The Other Side of the Stage: the Wings of the Opera Hall) guided tour
-Second Empire, Belle Époque: Age d’Or de Vichy- (Second Empire, Belle Époque: Vichy’s Golden Age) guided tour
-Belles Villas: architectures de villégiature 1850-1930- (Beautiful Villas: Holiday resort architecture) guided tour
-Vichy Art Deco- guided tour
Napeoleon III Festival

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